LiDAO Finance

  • High APY 500,000%
  • Automatic Staking and Compounding.
  • Get Rewards Every 8 Hours - Earn passive income.

LiDAO Finance - Auto Compound


Auto Compounded


A differentiating factor of LiDAO as compared to others is that LiDAO will introduce a secondary Staking Service that will allow you to earn with the Stake Pool ecosystem which includes Master Nodes and others, we are also able to ensure longevity with the constant growth of Stake Pool and LiDAO entire ecosystem. LiDAO also introduces unique economic and game-theoretic dynamics into the market through staking and bonding.

$lidao Contract: 0x19567B1B2Dc33Ab606500405b3229E66330Ee413

LiDAO rewards holders with automatic compounding interest, increasing their $LiDAO holdings over time.

How much can I earn?

Our products are powered by DeFi and are designed to help you effortlessly generate cash flow from your crypto.

At the end of the year and with $1000 USD of $LiDAO invested.

You can earn up to $1,002,758.54  of $LiDAO at 500,000% APY*.

Earnings are calculated in a scenario where the RFV sustains the rebase reward for 365 days.


LiDAO Tokenomics Explained

$LiDAO is a BEP-20 token with an elastic supply that rewards holders using a positive rebase formula.

Automatic LP


Risk Free Value